Demo 2004

by Off My Chest



Demo by Off My Chest, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Originally self-released on cdr in May 2004


released November 11, 2012



all rights reserved


Positive and Focused Hilversum, Netherlands

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Track Name: Pathetic behaviour
1 Pathetic behaviour

Hardcore is my passion but don’t you get so narrow minded if you see me in a suit and tie doesn’t mean I’m a different person

Just let me do my job like you do yours and we’ll see who is down for the cause

your point of view is like a dogma; businessmen are selfish and arrogant

Just let me do my job like you do yours and we’ll see who is down for the cause

So now you’re offended ready for battle stop being so ignorant and stubborn for hardcore is for everyone
Track Name: No escape
4 No escape
My surroundings feel like a vacuum A 24/7 money machine Intrusive advertising is shouting to the crowd and that stresses me out
What has happened to reason, and our rationale? They claim that people have a choice; a farce
We ignore the fact that our lives are affected by marketing trics By their spurs our attention is diverted, withdrawn from life
But did we ask for that?, No, I can't remember that..
Don't be the counter in their play I know it's hard, for me anyway
But if you conquer that, you've the right to say I lived MY life, day by day...!!!
Track Name: (gotta get it) Off my chest
5 (gotta get it) Off my chest
Didn’t take much time to figure out, what you had in mind The way you look at me still fucks me up, gaze like you’re half blind The world is in an adolecence phase, we have the key to the car But all of this incredible bullshit, didn’t seem to bring us far
Now, is the time to take a stand
Now, are you gonna make amends
Now, we can make a difference NOW
So tell me why we keep fucking up, and destroy what we believe When all your efforts and promises, will nothing but deceive Now will we ever get it right, and turn it all around Take the courage to pay your debts, keep both feet on the ground Now tell me why we keep fucking up
Gotta get it off my chest..... OFF MY CHEST!