Youth Crew 2012

by Various artists



The third edition of this international compilation once again features some of world's finest Youth Crew hardcore:

Chain Reaction
Make a Change
Truth Inside
Step Aside
You're Next


released June 14, 2012



all rights reserved


Positive and Focused Hilversum, Netherlands

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Track Name: Chain Reaction - Rage and focus
Chain Reaction - Rage and focus

Why should I pretend that everything was left behind?
when hard times left me scars, all this hate is still alive.
Rage and focus, the strength to break apart.
I made my choices, staying true to myself whatever it takes.
They tried once, I warned them all.
Stay away, I'll knock you down!
And why should I forgive all those lies that broke my heart.
Beaten black and blue until I realized,
I wasn't that loser you made me feel like,
I could break you down.
Time went by, things have changed and I'm here to see your fall.
I won't forgive, I won't forget,
strength out of my hate, I win my respect.
Track Name: Truth - Just understand
Truth - Just understand

You're lying to yourself,
and you're trying to ignore the fact.
To tell yourself that you didn't break,
makes it clear that your words are fake.
And you can't accept the shame,
and we both know that you're the one to blame.
Stop justifying your broken claim,
these past years were never the same.
This isn't a trend,
I'm straight edge and proud.
You quit for acceptance,
took the easy way out.
And you can't accept the shame,
and we both know that you're the one to blame.
I can accept the choice that you made,
but my trust in you is beginning to fade.
To know how I feel,
you've gotta understand,
that I'm the one still wearing this X on my hand.
Track Name: Make a change - Strive for unity
Make a Change - Strive For Unity

you raise your fists, full of hate,
you’re too proud to think instead!
what happened to you? fighting for fame?
you’ve got nothing but violence in your brain!

just get out of our scene - OF OUR SCENE,
let’s strive for unity - FOR UNITY!

we don’t need, kids like you,
no you where never, part of the crew!

just get out of our scene - OF OUR SCENE,
let’s strive for unity - FOR UNITY!

get the fuck out, it's our scene,
just get out, 'cause we strive for UNITY!
Track Name: Enough - Stop the hate
Enough - Stop the hate

Pointing a finger - you're such a disgrace.
Putting your pride in your own race.
You say there's a difference, and you get sucked in
to violence, ignorance, and hatred again.
You can't justify it, I've heard it before.
The hate that you spread we just won't ignore.
You think it's a joke, you think it's a game.
See through the lines we're all the same.
Don't try to stop us, cause we're coming through.
There's no justification for the things that you do.
You're fucking blind, you're out of time.
Fuck what ya heard, there's no race latter to climb.
It's the person within, not the color of skin!
Open your eyes, you're not fucking blind!
Track Name: Truth Inside - Abstain
Truth Inside - Abstain

Walking through this world with my back turned
To the peers and pressures that society’s burned
Into each others minds, It’s really taking its toll
I choose to be different I choose to break the mold
Break free
I choose to abstain only for myself
Not for you or anybody else
It’s time to open up your eyes and see
The grip that this world has made
it’s time to break free
This is for myself you can like it or not
I’m not here to judge so put that into thought
The weight of this world so heavy it seems
But I choose to carry, I choose to break free
Straight edge for myself.
Track Name: xCurraheex - The fight goes on
xCurraheex - The fight goes on

We resign to the fact that lives have been lost to satisfy the cravings no matter what the cost.
The voices will die, no screams to be heard and the horror goes on with few people who care.
And so they'll all die in vain so what good can come from this pain?
Who will stand up and fight?
We will standup and fight.
If you stand up and fight I will stand up and fight.
Track Name: Step Aside - Reaching out
Step Aside - Reaching out

Reaching Out!
I see your struggle
So I reach for help
But its impossible when your not yourself
Wasted again, no respect for your friends
A dead end battle with no end
I'm not better than you
I'm just in control of my life
I see your pain
Through your dead eyes
I want to help
But you won't let me help
It has to change before it lays you out
And I know....that deep inside
You mean well
I'm Reaching Out!
Track Name: You're Next - Start again
You're Next - Start again

today's the day, I start again
I wrap my things and walk away
to find the path which is right for me
I made my choices to be set free
no guilts no shame, I left them all behind
the burdens the sorrow, they all went by
I broke the circle, I smashed the chain
from what society guides you I walk away
I will rise above the rest! / I will try to do my best!
to live my life to the fullest there's no dought
with passion and strength in whatever comes around
its a strange felling that I can't explain / so watch me rise as I start again
Track Name: Flex - Void
Flex - Void

we’re ceasing to exist
our work has gone to shit
cause no one gives a fuck
about what were trying to build
but who am I to judge
what the fuck do I know,
I’m just some fucking kid
I still got something to prove
Whatever happened to
doing it all yourself
it seems like everyone is
just trying to make a bill
those empty promises
you said you would fulfill
refusing to give back
what filled the void for you
Fuck who you are outside
in here were all the same
we stand on level ground
keep it alive with me