Youth Crew 2014

by Various Artists



The 4th edition of this international 7inch compilation once again features some of world's best youth crew hardcore.

Clearsight, Ukraine
Safe and Sound, USA
Dedication, Brazil
Nothing Remains, Japan
Clean Break, Portugal
Kid Armor, USA
Right Mind, Australia
Cut Loose, France


released February 14, 2014



all rights reserved


Positive and Focused Hilversum, Netherlands

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Track Name: Right Mind - Still my mind
I’m ripped from sanity, cast into a fire
Where rage is my only desire
Unleashing frustration on a world gone cold
There’s only so much hope one can hold
Struggling to be like the water that forever flows
To still my mind is harder than I have ever known
When will I find the calm that will bring inner peace?
So all my sadness can be released!
Still my mind so that I can find innerpeace
Track Name: Clean Break - Cut and run
as I take a look
I look all around me
I just can't believe
what I fucking see
I know things have changed
sure man these are different times
I see all these new face
I hope I don't see empty minds
I won't cut and run
I still believe
I won't cut and run
I'm safe and sound
both feet on the ground
you know how it is sometimes
out of sight, out of mind
we can't let all that we've built
just crumble down and die
I know how hard it is
to keep up the PMA
when everything around you
makes you want to throw it all away
Track Name: Nothing Remains - Conviction
I think over again and again
how I can spread out this underground
But you are always complaining within this scene
I can’t tolerate all the bullshit from what you say
It’s time, time to care your words
It’s time, time to look it back and face reality
It’s time, time to rearrange this scene
More respect, appreciation and friendships
Nothing leaves a scratch to my conviction
I wanna grow up so much more
Cuz fueled by my strong conviction
I gonna keep holding on
Cuz fueled by my strong conviction
My mind is unbreakable
Cuz fueled by my strong conviction
Struggling for brighter tomorrow
Trying my best for better future
But meaningless fight everywhere
make us break, fuckin break away
That’s all I hope
Track Name: Kid Armor - Temper
Your pieces are everywhere
with emotions like glass
Your fragile personality
Shatters like a figurine
You’re a surgeon with words
Dissecting everything I say
You cut up every expression
Calm down and just listen
The tone of your voice
The look in your eye
You’re sweating out tension...
an oncoming eruption
Set you off, set you off
Run and take cover
Your mood is like a minefield
One step and its over
The truth is the answer
That’s the best I can do
You want us to communicate
But when I speak you start to shake
Don’t Tell me to be civil
When you’re pulling out your fucking hair
I’m trying to answer
But you’re blinded by your own anger
Track Name: Safe and Sound - Excess
Head on straight so I can see right through
I'll never need your drugs or booze
Smoke in my lungs won't cure a thing
Puts you at ease, I think that's fucking insane
A fixation with a destructive crutch
Your own judgement you can't even trust
Abstaining, that's what's right for me
Never in means of popularity
"Out of touch", I don't care
A weight I'll never have to bear
Give it a try
No get it away
Can't control yourself than who will
Out of touch with reality for a fucking thrill
I'm thinking straight
Straight Edge
Track Name: Cut Loose - Falling down
Driving down the highway I pump up the brakes
Burn burn burn The ring’s on fire
The roads full of cars just like my mind’s full of shit
My brain’s full of crap I need to get rid of it
Leaving the car in the middle of nowhere
Like I don’t give a damn
Cut loose cut loose That’s what I need
Priority number one being my heart to feed
Cut loose cut loose This world is wack
And I’m on my way to leave it… drop out
Hatred breeds hatred they say
But love leads to it too I know
So what the fuck am I gonna do?
What the hell am I supposed to do?
Cut loose cut loose… fuck you
Track Name: Dedication - Our time
They were here
They taught us
They did their part
But now it's our turn
Day by day
Living for this
working together
It's our time
You don't need heroes
You need friends
Look at the mirror
This is your time
Track Name: Clearsight - Nazi gang
“Remember that all through history,
there have been tyrants and murderers, and for a time,
they seem invincible. But in the end, they always fall. Always.”
clear your fucking head before it's on a stake all you're
good at is being dumb and making mistakes
fuck your nazi gang
you won't ever hide behind your golden stacks
there's a sign in the air and it reads "attack!"
get away - there's time to pay
we don't need you - we never did that's how you
treated people's lives so your life ain't worth shit
I have one thing to say get your ass away